T-Ball Rules

Updated Monday January 11, 2016 by Somerset Baseball League.

•    Games last 45-60 minutes depending on weather conditions
•    Everyone bats every inning
•    Pitching to kids to start midseason 1 inning at a time extending as year progresses. Use the tee after 4 pitches to the batter
•    Split up team during games with half in the infield and the rest doing drills in the outfield.
•    Protective gear strongly suggested (cups) for all kids
•    Home team shall be responsible for prepping field prior to game (bases, raking, etc), if necessary
•    1 coach is needed every inning to maintain organization in the dugout
•    First aid kits should be present at every game
•    Parent or legal guardian shall be present at all times in case of illness, injury or inclement weather
•    Any parent or assistant on the field must have passed a CORI check from the league
•    Games postponed for rain will be made up in the week that they are cancelled and in that order, if possible. Friday nights and Saturday mornings starting at 9. Please prepare your player’s parents for this


T-Ball Rules.docx