Rookie League Rules

Updated Friday April 15, 2016 by Somerset Baseball League.

Rookie League Rules                             

Updated Monday April 5, 2016 by Somerset Baseball League.

Rookie League Rules for 2016

  1. Score and standings will be kept.
  2. Games will consist of five innings with a three run limit per half inning; in the last inning the away team can score one more run than they are down and the home team may play to win.
  3. Three swinging strikes is an out and five ‘good’ pitches will be considered an at bat.
  4. The batter and runners on base can advance on a ball that is hit into fair play up until the ball is thrown into to the pitcher’s mound area.  A player that has already rounded a base may advance while the ball is in the infield but risks being thrown out.
  5. Continuous batting order.
  6. Unlimited defensive substitutions and up to 10 can play the field.
  7. All players will bat and play the field.
  8. Attempt to give all players experience at almost all positions.
  9. Please use your most advanced players at first base for safety and your most capable as the catcher and keep them in gear for multiple innings.
  10. Beginning with the 1st game, players will be allowed to pitch the first two innings and walks will be issued after four balls.  After three walks are recorded in an inning the coach from the team batting will pitch.  There will be three innings of the pitching machine. 
  11. Around the mid-point of the season, players will be allowed to pitch three to five (the same walk rule applies as above) and there will be one to three innings (last innings) of the pitching machine.    
  12. Courtesy Runner: The catcher may have a courtesy runner run for them each time that they reach base and there are two outs.  The courtesy runner will be the player who made last out from the last inning.   
  13. Stealing : There will be a limit of one steal per inning but no leading from the base.  The runner must keep his or her foot on the base up until the ball crosses the plate.  Once the ball crosses the plate the runner can advance to the next base.  A runner can advance on a past ball as long as the ball gets outside of the catcher’s circle.  Each team is allowed two attempts per inning to steal home on past balls. 
  14. Bases shall be stored in the shed and box at Pierce and Chace.
  15. Coaches should arrive at least 15 minutes prior to game time to make sure field is playable and prepare team. The home team lines the field and rakes the infield prior to the game. The Away team rakes the field after the game.  Games are not to begin until the field has been raked and lined.
  16. Game time is 5:45 sharp. Teach teams to hustle in and out and do not have team meetings on the field after the inning ends. Have your defense ready before the inning ends.
  17. Sunday practices are optional; Saturday is preferable. Clinics will be schedules on Fridays and Saturdays and take the place of practice. Practices can be done at Wilbur, Chace and Pierce fields and scheduled through the website.
  18. Games will be played at Chace and Pierce fields.
  19. Rainouts will be attempted to be made up on the Fridays, at the same time, and Saturdays, 9 and 10:30, of that week if possible.
  20. Please call me if there are any field concerns.
  21. In case of rain, please call the hot line (508-672-3396) or check the website. We will attempt to email everybody as soon as possible.
  22. Make sure that all coaches have been CORI certified. If not, they cannot go on the field. If there are any questions, please contact me immediately.
  23. The playoffs will have a play in game between teams 4 & 5.  Then 1 plays winner of play in (4 or 5), 2 plays 3.  Then the winning teams will play each other 
  24. Overthrows - Runners should be encouraged to take an additional base on an overthrow. This will teach them to turn towards the advanced base and for the fielder to pursue the overthrown ball. Only a single base advancement, at the runners risk, per over throw.


  1. Pitcher can only pitch 5 innings per week, Friday to Thursday (4 Inning Max per game)
  2. Balks will not be called
  3. Coaches on second visit to the mound in same inning must remove the pitcher, or on 3rd visit during the game pitcher must also be removed
  4. 3 hit batters in an inning or 5 in a game will result in removal of the pitcher
  5. Pitchers cannot return to the mound once he has been removed prior to playoffs

             Playoffs – Only starting pitcher can return if he completed his last inning