Code Of Conduct

Updated Saturday January 9, 2016 by Somerset Baseball League.


Below is a guideline on player and parent conduct. Please review these guidelines and we ask that you adhere to this code of conduct. Thank you for your support and understanding in all of these matters.

These guidelines were taken in part from the Ripken Baseball Course on Youth Baseball.

  • Guidelines on Player Conduct
  • Players will play within the rules at all times.
  • Players will give their best effort on the field.
  • Players will give their teammates 100% support.
  • Players will not harass nor verbally attack others.
  • Players will not intentionally attempt to injure others.
  • Players will not use inappropriate or obscene language.
  • Players will never openly question a coach or umpire(s).
  • Players will not mingle with parents or supporters during games or practices.
  • Players will never respond to any negative comments from parents or supporters.
  • Players will arrive on time for all team related functions.
  • Players will wear the appropriate uniform, practice attire, and protective equipment whenever they are on the field.
  • Players should congratulate opponents on good plays, help opponents up if they are down or injured, and shake hands at the end of a game.
  • Players should approach the coach with any questions about playing time, positioning, or strategy. These issues will not be discussed with teammates, especially during a game.
  • Guidelines on Parent Conduct
  • Parents should support all team members equally.
  • Parents will leave the coaching to the team’s coaches.
  • Parents will not use inappropriate or obscene language.
  • Parents will not verbally abuse umpires, coaches, players, or supporters.
  • Parents will not direct negative comments toward anyone on the baseball field.
  • Parents should congratulate all players and coaches for nice plays and a good game.
  • Parents should try to maintain an even keel; don’t get too excited when the team is doing well or too down when the team is not doing so well.
  • Parents will remain in the designated area for spectators and not go into the bench or dugout area unless instructed or requested by the coach.
  • Parents will not run on the field when an injury occurs unless a coach or medical professional requests their assistance.
  • Parents will not openly question coaching decisions about playing time or strategies. A private meeting with the coaches will be requested to address these issues.
  • Consequences for Player/Parent/Coach Unsportsmanlike Behavior 
  • Ejected Player – any player who throws a bat, helmet, glove, or any other object will be ejected from the game. A player ejected more than once from a game will be suspended from further competition as decided by the division director and SBL President.
  • Suspended Player/Coach – any player/coach displaying unsportsmanlike behavior will be ejected from the game. The player or coach ejected from the game will also be suspended for their teams next played game.
  • Parent Code Of Conduct – any parent displaying unsportsmanlike behavior during the game will be removed from the field area. If the unsportsmanlike behavior still continues then their child will be removed from the game and asked to leave the complex.
  • SBL BODs thanks you in advance for your cooperation in all these above policies… Thank you, now let’s PLAY BALL!
  • Note: please reference Babe Ruth League, Inc. Baseball Rules and Regulations & Official Playing Rules for any policies not covered in this code of conduct section.


  • Goals for the baseball season:
  • Teach the children all the fundamentals of baseball through interactive instruction. The instruction will be geared to the skills needed to play the game at a high level. The instruction will also be based on game situations.
  • Develop the skills of all players through numerous baseball drills including throwing, fielding, hitting, and base running. In order to accomplish this goal, the children must attend team practices and league skills clinics.
  • Teach the children to work well with others, be respectful to their coaches, be good teammates, build friendships, develop some mental toughness, and most importantly have fun and enjoy playing the game of baseball!
  • Team Member – as a member of the team you have a responsibility to the other team players to be at practices and games. If you are unable to attend any practices or games please call, text, or email your coach at your earliest convenience (24 hrs).
  • Open Door Policy – there should be an open line of communication between the coaches, parents, and players. If there are any concerns, suggestions, or questions please see the manager or one of the coaches. We will try to address all issues/items.
  • Respect Coaches Decisions – there is a time and place to talk to the manager or coaches; the best time is before or after a game/practice. The coaches need to give your children their full attention during game play or during practice time.
  • This is the time for you to sit back and support your child by watching them play baseball while enjoying their experiences. If you can provide a service to the league and the children involved with the league then please fill out a volunteer application. 
  • Practices:
  • All practices must be 1½ to 2 hours long. Extra time after practice can be offered by coaches but players are not required to stay and participate.
  • All practices must be safe with children staying on task and being engaged in the activity. Pay attention to your surroundings on and off the field.
  • Practice plans should be efficient keeping all players engaged; small group work, stations, game situations, etc.
  • Games:
  • All players must come prepared with all their equipment and in proper uniform. Also, players should bring water or a sports drink with them.
  • All players must arrive at least 30 minutes prior to game time for pregame warm-ups. Players must arrive at least 15 minutes prior to practice time.
  • It is our plan that everyone will get equal to fair playing time. This may be done either within a given game or could be spread out over a couple games.
  • Playing Time:
  • Player safety is top priority in this rule. All teams use a continuous batting order. A player should not sit the bench more than twice per game.
  • Playoff playing time is tournament rules (each player must play at least two innings on the field). We will still use the continuous batting order rule.
  • Lineups are official when given to opponent. Any absent player in the lineup will be considered an out. A player that leaves the game due to injury will not be considered an out. A player can be added to the bottom of the lineup when arriving late only during recreation play but not during playoff time.
  • Mercy Rule:
  • It is expected that once a team is up by ten or more runs they will stop stealing bases and avoid running up the score on their opponent.
  • It is also expected that runners will not advance to home plate on a wild pitch and/or passed ball.
  • Advancing base to base on wild pitches and/or passed balls is acceptable until reaching third base.
  • Sportsmanship:
  • We expect all coaches, players, and parents to be respectful of the umpires. They are all human and no one is perfect. They are doing the best job that they can and may not get every call correct.
  • Win or lose we expect all coaches, players, and parents to be respectful of the opposing team. Show sportsmanship through shaking hands after the game and praising all players for a good game.
  • Please remember that all coaches are volunteers and are doing the best that they can for the children of our league. The players are all children and we are trying to develop them into young men.

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